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Logging “Time-Off”


Setting time-off/vacation will notify all of your Team Leaders that you are away during a specified timeframe.

Your Team Leaders will see a icon on your Card in their Team View during the time-off period.

Your Team Leaders can click the icon to show your custom message.

Step 1: Navigate to Calendar

Step 2: Click “Log Time-Off”

Step 3: Enter Time-Off Details

Enter your time-off details including start and end date and time and, if desired, your away message, then click “Log Time-Off”.

Any set message will appear for your Team Leaders when they click on the icon on your Team View Card.

Viewing/Deleting Time-Off

Future booked time-off will display under the calendar widget and can be deleted by pressing the “x” on the top right corner.

You can also use the calendar widget to view previously booked time-off or working remotely days.

  • Time-off days will be shown in the widget as grey
  • Working remotely days will be shown in the widget as green
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