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My Docket: Overview

Blackacre Pro: My Docket


My Docket is where you manage your own productivity.

At a glance, My Docket allows you to view all of your outstanding deliverables (i.e., Tasks) in a simple grid format.

My Docket will only show Tasks for which you are the Delegatee.

Your Card

My Docket: My Card

Your individual Card is displayed on the top similarly to that of your Team Members.

You may drill down on any category to see which Tasks make up that category.

Your card also allows you to set “Working Remotely” Mode (please see the separate article on “Setting ‘Working Remotely’ Mode”).


My Docket: Filter

You will notice that, by default, only uncompleted Task statuses are shown (e.g., Pending Approval, Pending Revision, Active).

If you want to search for specific Tasks meeting specific criteria, you may click the “Filter” button and apply any filters you wish.

If you wish to reset your search, click the “Reset” button.

Docket Layout

My Docket: Task Layout

The My Docket Task layout is designed to be a simple interface that replaces legacy tracking systems (e.g., paper and pen, spreadsheets).

The Task layout shows the most pertinent information of a Task including the Worked Time vs Estimated Time; Due Date; and Status.

You can click on any Task in order to manage that Task and gain more information (please see the separate article on “Managing Tasks”).

You can also log activate or deactivate the Stopwatch feature by clicking the icon to track Worked Time (please see the separate article on “Logging Time”).


In addition to filters, you may also search through your filtered results for keywords by using the search field. Searches are not case sensitive.

You may also export the results into a spreadsheet for easy data manipulation by clicking the “Export” button.

Assigning Tasks

My Docket: Assigning Tasks

You may assign yourself a Task by clicking on any icon throughout Blackacre Pro.

Clicking the icons in My Docket will automatically assign you as the Delegatee. If you click this icon elsewhere, you may have to manually assign yourself as the Delegatee.

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