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Managing Tasks


Task is a discrete deliverable or action that is delegated (i.e., assigned) by a Delegator to a Delegatee.

Once delegated, the Delegatee needs to manage the Task to completion.

Task management is done through the “Task Detail” pop-out on My Docket.

Accessing Task Detail

Step 1: Navigate to My Docket

Step 2: Select the Task to Manage

Click the Task you wish to manage, which will trigger the “Task Detail” pop-out.

Task Detail Fields

Once you have opened the Task Detail of a Task, you can view and modify information displayed in various fields.

A description of each field is below:

  • Due Date: Indicates the Due Date for the Task. We recommend updating this field as necessary.
  • Estimated: The amount of time the Delegator estimates the Task should take to complete. We recommend updating this field as necessary.
  • Worked: The amount of time the Delegatee has logged on this Task.
  • Remaining: The difference between the Estimated Time and Worked Time (i.e., the amount of time estimated to complete the Task after Worked Time has been taken into account).
  • Exceeded: The amount that the Worked Time has exceeded the Estimated Time.
  • Client: Indicates the client associated with the Task.
  • Matter: Indicates the particular matter associated with the Task.
  • Nickname: Used to quickly identify a Task on My Docket. We recommend using one word.
  • Description: The internal description of the Task from the Delegator. We encourage Delegators to be as detailed as possible to minimize Task errors.
  • Billing Description: The description used for billing purposes. This field is completed by the Delegatee.
  • Notes: Internal notes of the Delegatee in relation to the Task. We encourage Delegatees to log any information which they may feel could be relevant to a Task.
  • Attachments: Files associated with the Task. Please note that we do not recommend using Blackacre Pro as your document management solution.
  • Delegator: The user who has assigned the Task to the Delegatee.
  • Delegatee: The user responsible for completing the Task.
  • Practice Area: The main Practice Area associated with the Task for tracking purposes.
  • Billing Code: The applicable Billing Code in respect of the Task.
  • Urgent: Whether the Task is urgent or not.

Worked Time Details

By clicking the “Worked” field in the Task Detail, you will be able to see (and log and edit) the discrete time entries associated with the Task.

You can exit this field by clicking the “Back” button or clicking the “Worked” field again.

Completing a Task

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the Task and logged all time associated with the Task, click the button on the main Task Detail pop-out page.

This will change the Task’s status to “Completed”.

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