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Integrating Clio


If you have subscribed to the Premium for Clio plan, you can link your Blackacre Pro account with your Clio account.

Step 1: Ensure your Emails Match

In order to link your Blackacre Pro and Clio accounts, you must ensure that the emails you use are the same for both logins.

Step 2: Ensure your Jurisdiction Matches

You must ensure that the jurisdiction of your Clio account matches your Blackacre Pro account.

For example, you must have a Canadian Blackacre Pro account and a Canadian Clio account to link these accounts.

You can easily tell what your jurisdiction is by the subdomain in your address bar when logged into each account.

Clio URL Jurisdictions

JurisdictionClio URL
United Statesapp.clio.com
European Union (EU)eu.app.clio.com


Canadian Clio Account:

Canadian Blackacre Pro Account:

Step 3: Click the Clio Icon

In Blackacre Pro, click the Clio icon at the top of the page. A red dot next to the Clio icon will indicate no integration has been set up.

Step 4: Enter Credentials and Allow Access

Enter your Clio login credentials and click the “Allow Access” button.

Now you can access Clio by clicking the Clio icon at the top of the page and the 2-way sync is completed. Note that there is a green dot next to the Clio icon indicating the integration is active.

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