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Delegating a Task


A Task is a discrete deliverable or action that is delegated (i.e., assigned) by a Delegator to a Delegatee.

Examples of what constitutes a Task may range from granular deliverables (e.g., “draft Section 3 of the SPA”) to ones that are more broad (e.g., “Flat-fee representation in respect of criminal charge”).

A user may delegate a Task to themselves and, as a result, may be both Delegator and Delegatee.

A user may also delegate a Task on behalf of a particular Delegator to themselves or another user (which Task would then be “Pending Approval” by the Delegator).

Step 1: Click any +Task Button

The button can be found in numerous places on the Blackacre Pro application.

Step 2: Complete New Task Information

  • Fill in all required information in the New Task window.
  • We do not recommend using the “Attachments” field for document management purposes and strongly discourage the attachment of any privileged or highly sensitive documents.
  • The “Estimated Time” field may be utilized in 0.1 increments.
  • The “Description” field is intended to be an internal field with instructions from the Delegator. A separate field, “Billing Description”, will later appear for the Delegatee to complete.
  • You can select the Delegator/Delegatee by clicking the icon.
  • You can remove an existing Delegator/Delegatee by clicking the “x” in the icon.

Step 3: Click “Create Task”


Instead of scrolling to select the right Client/Matter, select the “Client” or “Matter” field and begin typing to narrow down the dropdown results.

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