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Cancelling a Task


Sometimes, users may delegate a Task in error or the Matter may fall through before work begins.

In these cases, the Delegator may cancel the Task.

NOTE: Only tasks without any Worked Time logged may be cancelled. If there is Worked Time on a Task, all such time must be deleted prior to cancelling the Task. If you wish to keep the Worked Time, it is more appropriate to “Mark Complete” to change the Task Status to “Completed”.

Step 1: Open Task Detail

Team View: Delegated by Me Card: Total Tasks

You first need to find the Task in your Team Docket.

The easiest way to do this is to navigate to Team View and click on the “Total Tasks” category of the “Delegated by Me” Card.

This category will open Team Docket with all outstanding Tasks delegated by you.

Step 2: Select the Task

Select the Task you wish to cancel by opening its Task Detail.

Step 3: Click “Cancel Task”

Follow the prompts to cancel the Task and the Status will change to “Cancelled”.

Pro Tips:

  1. You can search for your cancelled Tasks by using the Filter in Team Docket to show Tasks with a Status of “Cancelled”.
Team Docket: Filter: Task Status
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