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Approving Tasks


Tasks that are delegated on your behalf (i.e., Tasks created by another user for which you are the Delegator) must be approved or denied by you.

Once such a Task is created, it will be put in status.

Step 1: Navigate to Team View

Step 2: Click “Pending Approval”

Locate the “Delegated by Me” Card on Team View.

If there are Tasks requiring your approval, the number displayed under “Pending Approval” will be greater than 0.

Click “Pending Approval”.

Step 3: Open the Task Detail

Team Docket will open showing the Task(s) requiring approval.

Click on the Task you want to approve or deny and open the Task Detail.

Step 4: Approve or Deny the Task

Click either “Approve” or “Deny” to move the Task status to “Active”.

You may also edit any Task information you wish before approving or denying the Task by clicking the appropriate icon.

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