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Adding Users


In the Admin Dashboard, you can add as many users as you would like to your Blackacre Pro subscription.

Details on pricing can be found here.

On the People tab of your Admin Dashboard, you can see how many users you have created out of how many user seats your organization has available.

The number of available seats is how many licences you will be billed for.

Important: If the number of users you have invited is equal to the number of available seats you have (e.g., 8/8), and you add another user, the number of available seats (and your total monthly cost) will go up by 1 user.

Step 1: Click the + User Button

Step 2: Fill Out User Details

  • First Name: First name
  • Last Name: Last name
  • Title: User title (e.g., Partner)
  • Phone: Contact phone number
  • Email: User email
  • Hourly Rate: User hourly rate (if applicable)
  • Bar Call Date: Bar call date (if applicable)
  • Practice Area (Main): This will be the main practice area shown on the User’s card
  • Practice Area (Other): These practice areas will be searchable but will not display on the User’s card. Select as many as are applicable.
  • Type: Choose whether the User is a Lawyer or Support (e.g., Legal Assistant)
  • Office: If you are an enterprise user, select the office the User is assigned to
  • Alias: If you are using third-party accounting software or exporting into a system that the User has a unique identifier for, please enter it here for batching purposes. Not applicable for Clio accounts or most direct integrations.

Step 3: Set Schedule

Set the User’s time zone and set their schedule.

First, select their start and end times for each day of the week.

Second, select how many hours per day the User will be unavailable, per day. This information is vital to ensure Capacity accuracy.

Note: Unavailable Hours should include all breaks, and an estimate of how much time per day the User should be spending on tasks or events not entered as tasks in Blackacre Pro.

Example: Tom works 8:00AM to 5:00PM, but covers reception for 4 hours a day (which is not logged into Blackacre Pro) and has a 0.5 hour break. His Unavailable Time is therefore 4.5 hours, which makes his Available Hours for that day 4.5 hours.

Step 4: Assign Teams

Click the hyperlink under “Assign Team Member/Leader”

Then, add the User’s Team Members (i.e., the Team Members that will show up on the User’s Team View – these are usually the User’s employees or those that the User manages).

Then, add the User’s Team Leaders (i.e., the Team Leaders whose teams the User will be on – these are usually the User’s supervisors or those who manage the User).

Step 5: Set Targets

If your organization has billable and/or non-billable targets, you can set them per User by clicking the “Set” button under the “Target” heading.

First, click “Add Period

Then, enter the Start and End dates to the Target Period, the number of Billable/Non-Billable Hour Targets for that period, and any internal notes (e.g., 2023FY).

Finally, click the icon to save.

Step 6: Turn on MFA

If you would like to enable Two-Factor Authentication (i.e., the User gets an email with a PIN to enter on every login), enable it by clicking the swipe below the “2FA Email” header.

Step 7: Set Admin Permission (Optional)

If the User is an Admin, click the icon next to their name and click the slider under the “Permission” header to enable .

Click the button to save changes.

Step 8: Invite the User

Click the box next to the User’s name once you are ready to send an invite and click the “Send Invite” button.

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